Unfortunately the 5sos tour next year is already sold out. But, I tought about something really nice. A lot of people in the 5sosfam can’t pay a single ticket to see their idols, they can’t meet them and I feel bad for them. Some people In the 5sosfam are also sick, or in he hospital right now and all they want is to meet their idols before the hospital say something like ”You can’t go out of the hospital anymore”. I know that some people in the 5sosfam have these problems and I also know that we CAN’T help all of them. But we can make a difference. 

So, now everytime that 5sos announce a tour think about it. It’ll be great if some of us in the 5sosfam buy a second ticket for someone who can’t afford it. We are a family and I think that this thing can work. 

I also know that what I ask is huge, but I’m not forcing anyone. I just want everyone that watch this video right now to think about the others who can’t see them and maybe help someone and buy a ticket for someone else. You will make some new friend while doing this and you will feel happy cause you just helped someone to see their idols because they have to same dream as you they just, can’t afford it. 

For the people who wants to participate in this it’s not a big project it is a personal project so you decide if you want to do it or not and if you want to share you’re future story with the 5sosfam or not. 

For more question, you guys can use the hashtag #5sosfamticketsproject 

Thank you for listening, see ya later x